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Carpenter Measuring Wood


Looking for high-quality lumber at affordable prices? Our discount lumber yard is the perfect choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. With three tiers of materials to choose from we have wood products for every project. 

Wood Frame of House

Contractor Grade Material

Contractor grade material refers to lumber that meets the high standards and specifications required for professional construction projects. This grade of lumber is typically straighter, has fewer knots, and is more uniform in size and appearance. It is suitable for structural applications where strength and reliability are paramount. Contractors often use this grade for framing, roofing, and other critical aspects of building construction.

DIY Grade Material

DIY grade material is designed for do-it-yourself enthusiasts who undertake home improvement projects. This lumber may have more visual imperfections than contractor grade but is still functional and safe for use in structural applications. DIY grade material is ideal for landscaping, carpentry, crafting, furniture making, and decorative projects where the final appearance can be more flexible and personalization is encouraged.

Wooden Planks

Ranch Pack Grade Material

Ranch pack grade material is a bulk offering of lumber that is typically used for agricultural purposes, such as fencing, outbuildings and shelters. This grade may include a mix of sizes and qualities, often at a discounted rate due to the volume of purchase. Ranch pack material is chosen for its cost-effectiveness and practicality rather than its aesthetic qualities. There are some real finds in this pack!

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