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What makes our system


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  • A crew of three carpenters can erect up to 5,000 square feet of floor or roof panels/day....complete. All beams, joists, blocks, hangers and subfloor. That same 5,000 square feet conventionally framed would usually take a crew of five carpenters 5-6 days (and that doesn’t include the subfloor).

  • When conventionally framing, hundreds of man hours are spent on material handling: unloading semi trailers of joists, beams, plywood, hardware, etc. Hoisting all of those joists, beams, plywood to the work area. Traffic control for unloading trucks, etc.

  • With our floor/roof panels, your carpenters may never have to “walk plate”again, which we all know is dangerous. Our panels are hoisted with engineered D-rings which also act as tie-off points after panel is erected. Your carpenters will always be walking/standing on subfloor, not top plates

  • When utilizing our floor/roof panels there is never any debris associated with conventional framing. The framing debris associated with conventional joisting creates a dangerous work environment for all workers.


  • When utilizing our prefab floor/roof panels, the only cleanup required is to pick up and dispose of empty glue bottles. When framing conventionally, there is tremendous amounts of waste produced which needs to be cleaned daily and hauled away...joist and beam cut offs, plywood cut offs, sawdust, empty hardware boxes, etc.

  • Hundreds of man hours are spent on cleanup, and thousands of dollars spent on dumpsters, etc.

  • A typical podium deck jobsite is usually packed with joists, beams, plywood, connex containers for hardware, etc.

  • With our prefab system, no lay down area is required...just room to park one or two of our trucks while panels are erected

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